February 27, 2011

GPS Fail (or The No Parade Parade Day)

Anny had to work yesterday, so I spent the morning cleaning the apartment before getting Abby ready for out-and-about. We would have done the laundry too, but Anny wants an excuse to get out of the house today during hockey time on the TV. (Editing to not that NBC is going to run golf instead of hockey. Makes sense, less camera work and much longer means cheaper labor and more commercials. Stupid NBC.)

So first Abby and I went to the mall because there was a Heart Health event that the hospital system I work for was hosting/sponsoring. I volunteered on Friday morning, but knew tat Anny would be out so I did not commit for today as well. We also grabbed lunch, and nothing really beats Food Court Lunch!

Abby really wanted to go to the Magic House, but after her behavior at the Mall that right/privilege was taken away from her. Nice to have the year long membership so that I can do that - it really makes an impact when she is told just once that she can not go there. I think The Magic House has become her new Ikea - she knows the logo and would go every day if we would let her.

I had been going back and forth on going up to Historic Saint Charles for a Mardi Gras parade because of the weather - when it was supposed to be 55 degrees out it was a definite YES, but when the forecast dropped to 35 it shot down to NO. But then it was 45 degrees, a fine line between comfortable and too cold outside for standing and watching a parade. If honesty came into play, I have not gotten any good camera time in a couple of weeks, and that played a factor into YES winning out!

Now is where I blame the GPS on ruining my plan, but since that part is quite boring I will just say that it took me an hour to get to the place I was trying to get to because I went all over the place.

Needless to say, we got there 30 minutes late for a very short parade and missed the whole thing. I felt awful for Abby, who I almost had to talk into wanting to go in the first place. I decided to wake her up and go find some afternoon snack. After I explained what had happened she was surprisingly cool with it. Guess she is used to it when I'm in charge. She might have been thinking "dummy, even I know how to get to The Magic House. Bet you would get us lost there, too" but she didn't say it out loud.

She and I walked up and down the real Main Street we were looking for - saw lots of people that had been to the parade, but Abby did not make that connection so it was okay for me still! We ended up at a little Italian Bakery. Abby insisted that she wanted a chocolate chip cookie, so I got that for her. She changed her tune when she saw MY afternoon snack:

It was as yummy as it looks - a perfect make-up for missing out on a fun parade!

Since Main Street is filled with local merchants I suggested we walk a little more. I saw a little Soap Shop across the street and the next conversation went like this:

Me: Abby, you know that mommy is not eating sweets like you and I do, so we can't get her cookies like we got. Maybe we should get her some soap from our adventure today!
Abby: Well, Dad, Mommy does not eat soap!

We got mommy soap and headed home. I need to find a parade to make up for missing out. Lucky for me there is a parade at the zoo next Sunday! Hope the weather is okay for it...


  1. That really stinks but I'm glad she was okay with it! The cupcake would certainly make up for it for me, too!

  2. Cupcakes (especially ones that look like that!) can make up for just about anything. :-) And some soaps certainly *look* good enough to eat!

  3. Too cute! I think my GPS is pure evil yet I cannot seem to function without it.

  4. ahhh they are so smart....the other day i told prina to go inside and get a wipe for her hands, she told me she didn't need one because she was licking it off. i said it was gross, she said no, it's better this way. ok!