February 20, 2011

A Tidbit Post

Another random tidbit post - woo hoo!

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Abby has recently taken to "writing letters" to her three cousins. This consists of finding a pad of paper (readily available for her use) and scribbling lines across it. They often consist of her saying
Dear Ada/Ellie/Baby Shannon,
I want you to know that you are welcome to visit my apartment any time.
Please come over today.
Thank you,

Today she wrote one while Anny and I were talking and she glared at us and declared "Please be quiet, I am writing an email over here!"

** ** **
With the nice weather we have been having most of the snow is gone. We do still have a pile in the grass near the parking lot that is still about 18 inches tall, but it started out at over six feet about ten days ago! Abby can tell that seasons as in flux, and reminds us that spring MUST be here because our inside-flower (no idea what kind it is) has already bloomed. Twice. The bigger issue, though, is that when she sees a patch of snow she declares that Christmas is coming. We might need to buy her a calendar.

** ** **
My stumbling block to walking/running might be that I want to stop and take pictures. We have a cool cemetery that we can almost see from the driveway of the apartment building. Old and new headstones as far as you can see. A perfect little hill sits on the side facing the road. When I went out on Friday morning there was a full moon lighting the cemetery perfectly. I almost turned right back around for my camera.

I might go one of these mornings just for the picture, though...

** ** **
(I told you it would be random...)
Shows getting funnier these days: Colbert Report, The Big Bang Theory and Community.

Shows not getting funnier and thus dropping off of our queue: Wipeout and Two and a Half Men.

Oh, and SNL is only good during Weekend Update.

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My sister recently declared her desire to get another tattoo and it has sort of got me thinking about another one too. Good news is I can't afford it, nor do I feel like going through that pain again. Somehow despite those two factors, it keeps popping back in my head. Maybe THIS would help my decision...

** ** **
We switched to Sprint when we moved. Mostly a money thing - we could get two smartphone plans for less than we were paying for a half-smart plan and a regular old plan on our last carrier. We are very happy with out phones, coverage and price!

I discovered last week that Sprint has a business agreement where co-workers at my workplace get a discount - and it's pretty significant! I registered for it this week, so that's exciting.

The bummer part for me is that it automatically kicks a new two-year contract into play. Like I said, I'm a fan of my phone, but Sprint lets you do a new phone every 12 months instead of 24. I acknowledge that it is silly, and that the savings from the plan FAR outweigh a new phone in five months instead of twelve, but I actually considered letting the discount go rather than do two more years!

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I told you random, and that's what you got. Facebook took over the role of this blog for a long while, but I am working on changing that now. :o)

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