February 13, 2011

Fun with Lego's

Abby and Played with Lego's yesterday while Anny was out doing laundry. She gets her quiet time that way, and I get to have Abby time. Win Win in our house!

I have been working on a boat for a while and helping Abby work on smaller things. I wish we had one of the cool train sets that we saw a few weeks back, but that is not in the cards for us right now. Might be more inclined if Abby played with the wooden trains we have a bit more often, but alas that is not high on her fun list. (for right now anyway)

Yesterday we discovered a lifeguard Lego and decided to fill the boat and make it a pool! Abby is funny, and so we enjoyed for a while. We went for the whole cycle of a guy struggling to swim and eventually dying. (Thanks, by the way, Disney movies. Every day something in our apartment has to die, and Abby has to get married. Every. Day.)

Guy struggling to get out of the water in overalls. Lifeguard can't bend her knee to make the rescue!

Mouth-to-mouth. This one is a bit weird...

 Strongmen in green helping get him away from the pool.

If you can see the face of the "victim" it has changed. The others, clearly, have not. They are angry I think.

On a VERY closely related note, Anny says that this afternoon we will go for a hike or do something to get me out of the house while the weather is nice!


  1. Omg, I'm cracking up!!!! Hilarious! Miss Abby has quite the active imagination...to go along with Daddy's engineering skills...

  2. So... your guy there was on a boat? In a boat? Something about a boat? Is there a" big, blue watery road" anywhere to be found?


  3. Awesome. Re:marriage, Quinn's definition of getting married is dancing together. And she told us again today something we hadn't heard in a while that she's "married to Abby." :)

  4. Nice! In our house it's the mom that dies... because Disney Princesses all have dead moms. Thanks.