March 05, 2011

Work Update

We moved right after the Fourth of July of last summer. I had an interview 48 hours after we got into town, wearing shoes that were less than 12 hours old. Do not know if it was the shoes or the actual interview, but I got the job and started on August 8th. That means this week will be seven months!

I have avoided work talk on the blog, but only because I am not completely sure of the talking-about-work policy as it relates to the web. Bottom line, I work in healthcare. In the technology arm of the system. As the receptionist. Ours is a non-profit, Catholic health care system, so I am still free to live my faith in the workplace, something I have done for most of my working career, so that's a bonus! (Not that I am or ever have been the Bible-beating type, mind you.)

I am quite literally the furthest person in healthcare from the patient from what I can tell.

Technically I am an Administrative Assistant III with a main duty of reception. We have between ten and 40 visitors a day, so some days the bigger role is greeting, but often I have a hundred other things on top of that. It's perfect for me!

I have a big role in a few things - normal reception stuff like getting folks signed in and get them where they need to be, sorting mail and answering the phones. I also have a small but significant role in lots of things across the board - Human Resources and Accounts Payable and fun stuff like that. It fits my personality to have little bits of lots of stuff, plus I get lots (and lots) of interaction with lots (and lots) of people. I have responsibilities across the board, but few that are weigh-me-down hard.

One of the best parts is my co-workers. I know that if something falls through my fingers, there is a great safety net of folks who don't just help, they jump to help. I am grateful for that, and make that clear on a daily basis! They help me because they know that I go out of my way to help them, as well. I get regular feedback in a productive way from folks on my level all the way up to the Chief of the company. That feedback makes it absolutely wonderful, even on a hard day.

Another great thing is that there is never work to take home. When I clock out at 5 that is really the end of my work day. I rarely even have to think about work once I walk out the door. Because of my role I don't even get many emails over the weekend to make me dread Monday mornings. (I do get and send more email than I thought possible in a day, and I'm on the small side in that realm in my office!)

Anyway, I just wanted to let folks know that I am absolutely happy in my work life, and that is an awesome feeling.

(I do have a not-everything-is-perfect blog post in the works, because the reality is that life is hard no matter what your situation. If you are reading this you likely know that I am an optimist by default, so that tends to be what I blog about...)

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