February 14, 2011

Be Jealous

For many years of our togetherness, Anny and I have done appetizers and desert for big "couple days" like Valentine's and our Anniversary. This year I got a crazy deal on Mamapedia.com for a great deal on Sheri's Berries. You know me, the $15 for $30 was not good enough for me.

I used our $30 to buy berries that came with a $25 gift certificate to Restaurants.com. By my math, I got the a dozen strawberries for a net of $10.

Anyway, this year Anny got Chocolate Covered Strawberries for Valentine's Day! They arrived Friday night with a notice to consume them within a few days to be sure of their freshness. They are gone now. Anny was nice enough to share them with Abby and I!

First time I have taken pictures of food for the purpose of "art" that I can remember. Unfortunately it was already dark outside, so I had to use makeshift light inside the apartment. Basically I took a white paper towel and wrapped it around my Craftsman workshop light. Worked perfectly!

What are you and yours doing for the fake holiday that happens this week?

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