February 07, 2011

Where We Live

Seems that people are confused about where we live, so I wanted to do a post (or two) about where we have moved.

Let's start with where we have not moved:
Canada - you don't need a passport to get here, you know, if you want to visit
Michigan - it's just not that snowy here - well, not normally
Mexico - sorry, I don't like Dos Equis, so we opted for slightly more north

Where we did move to is Missouri. For those not currently studying maps for grades, let he show you:

(click on it for bigger map)

Basically, we are dead center of the country. Not in the snowy north. Not in the super-hot and deserty south. Right in the middle, map wise.

Folks have asked, more times than I can count, how much colder it is here than back in Maryland. If you look and draw a straight line, it would be practically horizontal! Same weather but two days earlier, that's always a good rule.

There are, of course, other factors like the Ocean for Maryland that brought about the Snowpocalypse effect last year, but more or less if we have rain today, you can expect it in a couple of days at your house. We packed for Thanksgiving that way, and totally nailed it weather wise.

We tell people that we have moved to Saint Louis (which is on the eastern side of Missouri, again just about in the middle). Saying that, though, is like saying that we moved from DC last year. Really, we moved from a town named Kirkwood, about ten miles outside of the city. On a clock we used to be at 2:00 and now we are at like 7:30.

Around here Kirkwood is sort of like Vienna, reputation and pricing wise. Probably not far off, from what I can tell. We were given a tip about an apartment complex that has spacious rooms and affordable costs. So glad we did! We spend a lot of time in and around Kirkwood, so the location could not have been better. Once the weather warms up a little bit more we will be able to walk places like the farmer's market, ice rink, the coffee shop, the train station, the Magic House and, on a really adventurous day, even to church!

So, that is part geography, part whys and hows of where we live. Hope it clears up some ideas - and maybe if you are doubting the weather folks now you know who to call!

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