February 16, 2011

Abby's First Written Word!

Not the easiest to make out because she was using a workshop-pencil, but this morning Abby wrote her first word completely on her own and completely unprompted! She knows how to spell some words because she does "exercises" on the computer where she types:
  • Abby M
  • Mommy
  • Daddy
  • Dog
  • Anny
  • Rob
We have not pushed much on the handwritten words just yet, though she does have a dry-erase book that she often practices her letters in. You know, one of those trace and erase deals. Very cool.

Well this morning she came over to me while I was finishing my breakfast and said "I want to write MOMMY, but I can not make the 'Y' right!" We flipped over the page and I showed her that it is like a V with one big leg. She made flags. I suggested one last try and Abby nailed it!

M-O-TwoM's...Not enough room for the Y! She proceeded to write the "Y" in the only place that made sense, and that is what you see above.

She did a little doubling back, but this is pretty clearly the first word she has written.

I was sure to save that information and NOT put it on Facebook or the blog before I showed it to Anny. I made her stop by my office and she did manage to hold back the adorable-tears, but they were close.

So proud of my little girl, both for the accomplishment and for the fact that she is really excited to learn new things. LOVE HER.

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