February 19, 2011

Recently I stumbled upon a co-worker's office and noticed a strange sight - an autographed broom. Since his boss had a signed bowling ball, it was a little bit less strange. I questioned why she got the ball and he got a broom.

Turns out he plays on a broomball team at Steinberg Ice Rink, which is an outdoor ice rink at a Forest Park. Beyond that, it turned out that four other co-workers play on the co-ed team and they had a need for a fill in a few weeks ago!

Games in this league are at 9 or 9:45 pm, so that was a turn off. It's outside and the first week I played it was -3 degrees (F) when we went on the ice! I fell flat on my butt in the first two minutes, but quickly began to have fun and signed on for good!

Broomball is sort of like hockey but there are no skates and the sticks are shorter in both height and length. I actually found a news clip this morning of a story a local news station did on the games at Steinberg! It's below. Good explanation of what the game looks like:

I have signed up for a tournament with the team next month. I realized about ten minutes later that if we go and we do well then there will be several games in the course of a day. I then decided it was time to get serious about getting into better shape! (also helps that the weather has started to take a turn for warmer again!)

At work I am always sure to take packages that arrive for folks to them instead of asking them to come up and get them, especially those on the other side of the building. Our building is fairly large, and I think it has helped me start small and be more ready for a push of real exercise. I even noticed this week that I am no longer winded when I walk up our grand stairwell which is a major change from when I started six months ago.

So anyway, wanted to share that I've picked up something new - and something fun!

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  1. Broomball was big for us in college! We usually went a couple of times a year to the skating rink at the Mall of Memphis (AKA the Mall of Murder) and have a really fun time. Not sure if Dave ever did it, but I loved it!