January 04, 2011

Still Not Settled

Okay, so I am realizing that I am really not feeling settled yet, and it's more of a physical thing than a mental thing. 

We moved into our apartment on Halloween and things got out of boxes at a fast clip for about a week.  We sorted out clothes and kitchen stuff.  We basically unboxed a full wardrobe for Abby. 

Funny story about that - we only anticipated on living with Paul and Sarahlynn for three months, putting right at the beginning of October and thus at the very start of chilly weather.  When it became clear that we would not be moving out that early, for a myriad of reasons, we actually had to go out and get a season worth of clothes for fall!  We had a full set, but it was inaccessible in our POD.  Next time we move across the country (HA!) I will plan it out and pack better for the long haul...

We took a week, until the weekend when we had time to survey, we sorted out which furniture would go where, which was more of a challenge than I think it should have been.  We downsized before the move.  I mean ditched the couch, recliner and vacuum downsized.  We gave a lot of stuff away, but I think I have blogged about that before.  Somehow we still had a lot of stuff - a 17 foot truck plus two trips with the Vibe.  Not cool.

Anyway, just as things calmed back down around here and we took off for our trip to Maryland for Thanksgiving.  When we got back from there we pretty quickly pulled out the Christmas decorations (and the not-yet-world-famous Tri Pod Tree) and had all sorts of fun stuff strewn about the apartment.

Well, we took Christmas apart on Sunday.  Yes, it is early, but for us it was time. 

But the problem is right now is that there is nothing to distract from the white walls and piles of stuff around this place.  It's a big place, so the walls are really bare right now.  We pulled out one of the boxes of pictures/decor, but I know there is a second one down in storage but am being too lazy to go bring it upstairs.  We need to get stuff on the walls.  It's time to really move in.  To settle in.

(I have offered a five year lease to the landlord - she informed us that there are folks who have lived here for 20+ years.  I do not know if we are ready to commit for quite that long just yet!)

So this weekend I am committing to decorating the apartment, including hanging things on the walls.  I reserve the right to continue to debate painting the walls - that is a bit more than I want to tackle in the next few weeks, but it is still on the table.


  1. Decorating is the hardest part and the one that stands in the way of feeling settled the most, I think. Hanging something up is such a huge comittment - if you don't like it, you have to fix the hole and re-paint the wall. LOL

    We took Christmas down this weekend, too. We always do it by the 6th of Jan., but the weekend was nice and convenient.

    Good luck getting settled! Hopefully January is the right time to do it. :-)

  2. how's the decorating going? it's really hard to settle in!!! i generally don't decorate, because we have not had a place of our own yet. all of our housing has been issued by the govt - military ect....so we have to put back anything we change. paint, picture holes, ect. so we have nothing on our walls, but i have picture frames everywhere!!! do you already have abby's room decor? if not IKEA has great kids stuff.