January 06, 2011

A Square Meal

Funny thing again coming from the difference between what we do at home and school, and both sides actually being in the dark because Abby is the one with the creativity...

Yesterday morning when Abby sat down for breakfast, she asked for a good, square breakfast.  Bing the good dad that I am, I brought her two eggs (whites only), whole wheat toast, a bowl of Cheerio's and orange juice.  What, that is the way it is pictured on the box, right?

Kidding, of course.  While she does sometimes eat better than I do, I am also aware that she gets second-breakfast at school, so breakfast at home is small and simple - a granola bar, a cutie or some yogurt.  Makes life simpler for all of us, and gets something healthy in before the day starts.

Anny and I could not figure out what a "square breakfast" meant for Abby, so we kept probing.  I suggested square cut pancakes. No. I suggested the regular granola bar, cut into squares.  Nope. We realized that bread is (mostly) square, so maybe she meant PB&J!  No way to PB or J. 

After giving up on us, Abby settled for half of a yogurt and we went on our merry way.

At preschool she asked for the same thing!  I had not thought to mention it to Karen because I thought it was just Abby being Abby.  Ms Karen, having known what they regularly eat at her house was still a little stumped!  She offered the range of stuff for breakfast that they usually have, with no luck.  She had a bagel for second-breakfast.  Pretty much the furthest thing from a SQUARE meal is a ROUND bagel!

Snack time changed the game when she again asked for a square meal and that is when it clicked for Karen.  She shared with Anny at the end of the day what Abby believes is a good, square meal.

A graham cracker. 

Yes, she had all of us scratching our heads over a graham cracker for breakfast. 

We need to expand this girls vocabulary a bit more, I guess! 

End note will point out that Anny went to Target last night after dinner for other stuff and ended up getting a big box of graham crackers.  Abby was elated this morning to have that as a part of her own healthy breakfast. And we taught her the phrase "graham crackers" to ease confusion later!


  1. that is so cute!!! prina kept asking for yelly - which turned out to be jello-o.

  2. I was scratching my head too. So sweet.