January 03, 2011


I can acknowledge that I have a biased view: most of the time Abby is adorable. 

Some of the time she is just downright... well... three.  Right now is one of those times.  She is insisting that I am "mama" since Anny had to go to work today and Abby and I are hanging out by ourselves today.  We have a fun day planned that includes The Magic House and lunch out - mostly to compete with the fun days that Anny and Abby had together for two weeks while I had to work! 

Okay, got her distracted and playing by herself.  Good news on many fronts. 

I wanted to share with you all some of Abby's funny and quirky, but somehow most used, phrases from the last few weeks. 

"Bibbidy, Bobbidy, BOOM!"  From Cinderella's famous Fairy God Mother's magic spells!  I thought for a long while that there was a "boob" on the end, Sarahlynn finally caught the "M" on the end last week and it made a lot more sense! 

BBM is often followed by her version of "you've disappeared" which is "ZAP! You're just appearing!"

Less of an Abby-ism and more of a how-cool - Abby has started to really sing along with the music in the car!  She requested that I put "Dominic the Donkey" on in the car, and she worked hard for two weeks to figure out the chorus part, and got it!  We found her singing along with a bunch of songs, and it's adorable in the car! 

She loves telling folks that Jesus is in her heart, and has really latched onto the manger story and tells folks about that too.  She has a wonderful plush manger set that is small and has a small bag to it.  We have kept that in her needs-occupying bag and it has quickly become her favorite. 

There is an annoying noise she makes that we are actively trying to break.  It kind of starts like "mom" and breaks down into a noise that sounds like a cat after being kicked by a bear.  It usually happens in the car and the only thing we have figured out is to ignore her until she can pull her sounds back in to words.  We are working to encourage the imaginative noises/play at times when we are not so enclosed and trapped by her noises!  We'll get there.

She is VERY persistent about her dolls needing to have their seat belts on when they go from place to place. I just watched her scold one of her babies for falling out of the stroller...

And with that  I am off to enjoy the rest of the daddy-daughter day that was created by a calendar fluke!  Happy New Year all!


  1. Maybe we'll run into you at the Magic House later, where we're headed for a playdate with the Fabulous Alex later this afternoon!

  2. So cute! I've been so bad about writing these things down somehow. I've got to get on it!

  3. This is too funny!!! I love this post. :-) Samantha also insists on having her dolls strapped into seat belts in the car.
    Ugh, Dominic the Donkey? She had to pick one of the most annoying Christmas songs of all time...?