January 25, 2011

Flexible Abby

I am not blogging about ways to bend and twist my three-and-a-half year old - I am blogging again about the resiliency of our girlie girl. She has been through so much in the last year and has rarely been whiny and never made us regret any of the decisions that we have made.

No small feat, you know.

On Friday of last week Abby's daycare was closed due to... well, let's just take the easier route and say "due to weather" issues. Anny's school district is smaller, and thus less inclined to close. (Side note, seems they do not do two hour delays out here due to bus contracts. Not saying good or bad, but certainly a change.)

Since I had assumed that either both or neither would go to school on Friday I kind of left my (very public reception) desk stacked with work for first thing. This meant that I had to go in to work. Paul called to make sure I knew that Sarahlynn could watch Abby, but I thought it would be a great day for an experiment with Abby at the office.

Her first excitement was getting dressed up in her finest dress (from a wedding of a friend back in the fall of 2009 - getting a lot of use out of it!) and were sure to take snacks and activities to do for a half day of work. We took crayons and coloring books, movies and snacks. We were set for the day.

I texted my co-worker to let her know that I would be coming with a special guest and Abby got a great, big, warm welcome. It was great. She sat and colored, then snacked, and watched a movie. She greeted people and smiled when they came through the doors. She even wandered the office with a co-worker, singing and laughing the whole time. Folks were happy to a smiling face around - and they rewarded her for it - with CANDY! She got M&M's and at least two candy canes. Lucky girl.

Lucky dad. Glad to be at a place that did not question my judgment in bringing her with me, who trusts that I always have their best interests in mind. :o)

Would not plan to do it as a regular plan, but it was great that it worked out so well!


  1. How fun!!! Due to the nature of my job/office, I'd never be able to take Samantha to work with me for more than a few minutes, but I love that the older she gets the more flexible she is with anything different we throw at her. :-) Great job, Abby!

  2. That's terrific. And we are soooo lucky that Dave has a similar situation. When the CYC closes early, Dave has been able to bring the Critter to his office, where his colleagues *LOVE* the child and have supplied him with Play-Doh, legos and paper airplanes. I am so grateful!