December 05, 2010

Our Non-Traditional Christmas "Tree"

Best Christmas Tree - potted and in the house for a few weeks, planted in the yard following the holidays
Great Christmas Tree A- Fresh, locally cut pine
Great Christmas Tree B- Fake tree, bells and whistles, kept for many years to balance out environmental impacts and such
Good Christmas Tree - Real tree, imported across hundreds of miles - but at least it gets composted.

Yes, that is a camera tripod decked out with tree lights!  We thought long and hard, but here are realities in our house:
1 - We don't have a yard to plant a potted Christmas tree
2 - We had three fake trees that we gave away this summer, buying a new one now sounds really awful
3 - Anny is allergic to cut pines - not occasional contact, but the last time we had a cut tree she had hives. When we have a real wreath, she had issues again.  (Worry not, Sarahlynn, she's only had issues when it is in our living quarters!)
4 - We wanted to do something a little... different.  This year has been all about creativity and, well, different.

Ladies (are there any guys that read my blog? Is this thing on?) I present to you our Tripod Christmas "Tree"

One neat thing is that we have a ball in the dead-center of the thing, so it kind of pushes the light around:
Abby is completely nonplussed about the whole thing - she takes pretty much everything in stride these days! 

Now to figure out those last few boxes from the move - might just put them in storage and ignore them!


  1. That. Is. Awesome!
    You know all those "other" trees are great and all but this is memorable!

  2. Love the tripod tree! Wonder if it makes any difference that we cut a fir (rather than a pine). More smell, fewer dropped needles, we'll see!

  3. Fantastic!!! What a brilliant and creative idea! Hope you guys have a very merry Christmas, Rob!

  4. Hey Stranger! I was just wondering about you the other day! I remember talks of a move. I will continue to read to catch up.
    love the tree!