January 28, 2011

Abby's First Ice Skating!

Abby's preschool/daycare is just so awesome. For five Fridays in January/February they go ice skating for the afternoon public session. Parents are invites, but since I left early last Friday I had decided I would pass up the trip this time and take Abby on a weekend, just us. I am so glad that my co-workers (and boss) declared that I needed to leave early and go spend some time on the ice with Abby and Anny. We had such a great time.

Abby was tentative at first and refused to let go of Anny. (I got there a little late and surprised both Abby and Anny on the ice!) We eventually coaxed her off of us and onto a bucket, all by herself. She must have done a dozen trips without us!

Here she is on her first go 'round with no help:
Big Tip 'O The Hat to whoever decided to use buckets in public skating sessions! Sure made our lives easier!

Here is Abby with her teacher, Ms Karen:
And finally, here is a short video of Abby skating without the help of us tall-folks - she really got good at this over the course of an hour!

Abby's First Skate! from Anny and Rob on Vimeo.

She will go back next week. I do not think I will join them, but I am REALLY glad that I did today!


  1. Go Abby Ovechkin! (not by marriage, that would be terrible)

  2. My kids REALLY want to skate! I may end up giving in after reading this :-)