May 06, 2008

The Text Debate

What do you do when you get a Text Message from a stranger? In the past I've simply ignored them. Something was different on Saturday, though. Maybe it was the weather or just my chipper mood from doing manual labor, but I thought that I should reply.

(Anny would say "only you would do that" and I think she might be right!)

I just didn't want someone to think they were being ignored by a lover, friend, child or parent. If they sent the message into cyber-space, they surely expected that it was received by the intended person. I could not let someone feel down on a nice day.

Here's the text from said message:

Some Guy: Whats up with u?
Me: Who is this?
SG: Dis ur boy rell..who dis?
Me: Wrong number.
Rell: Wrong number.what u talking bout? who is this?
Me: Rob.
Rell: My fault son
Me: No problem. Have a good day.
Rell: Same 2 u sir.

Yes, instead of doing the "sorry, we're not interested" I decided to be nice to a stranger. Okay, I was bored at a traffic light, but what's the difference?

What do you do when a text message is mis-directed and ends up on your phone?


  1. That has never happened to me. The possibility never even crossed my mind.