May 16, 2008


Today my grandfather (Gramps) is turning 75. Sevent-Five! We're pulling a surprise trip out to see him for part of the weekend. Hopefully we'll also be able to hop over to the beach for a little bit. I really want to see Abby's reaction to the waves crashing now that she is more aware of what's going on around her.

I've made him a CD of "Bob" songs and "Beach" songs that I've collected through various Abby music-hunting activities. We also printed one of our favorite pictures to give to him.

Should be fun! (and here's hoping that he's not reading my blog today!)

1 comment:

  1. You are so lucky to still have your grandfather. I've got one grandmother who is still alive, but she's 85 and in poor health, and we've never really been close. The grandfather I was close to died when I was five, and his wife, my grandmother, died when I was in high school. I still miss her every day.

    Have a wonderful trip!