May 13, 2008

Music Needed!

Friends -
Abby's first birthday is coming quickly! Less than a month as of today. We're hvaing a family party for her, but I'm still going to make a playlist. I am most curious about kids birthday songs. I really want to avoid the R. Kelly birthday song, as it is far too dirty.

So far I have:

"It's Your Birthday" - Justin Roberts
"My Best Day "- Trout Fishing in America

Anything else in the genre?

Any other songs that a kids birthday would need to be complete? Any other children's music that needs to be on my radar?

1 comment:

  1. I love all the Sandra Boynton CDs - download them on Amazon. Rhinoceros Tap, Dog Train (my personal favorite), Philadelphia Chickens, and Blue Moo. I also like the They Might Be Giants kids' CDs, Here Come the ABCs, Here Come the 123s, etc. Of course, our all time fav in the Prettybaby house is Choo Choo Soul. I also have several tracks off of the compilations "For The Kids" (one, too, and three, and no I didn't misspell that "too"), especially Barenaked Ladies and Sarah McLaughlin and Cake... MG loves La La Lemon and Manna Manna.

    All of the above are available for download on Amazon, and if you buy one 24 pack of pepsi and one 20 ounce bottle you have 5 pepsi points and that is enough for one free song at Of course, if you hold back and wait until you have 60 points (no problem for us - both my parents are pepsi addicts) you can get a whole album, which is more economical if the album has more than 12 songs, and most kids' albums do.

    Send me your address and I'll burn you copies when the RIAA comes out and says it's ok. :)

    Amy @