May 05, 2008

I HATE Secrets

I know too much. It's not even that I know too much, really, I just know too much about one specific thing:

Mother's Day Gifts.

Yep. I have pre-shopped for Mother's Day. This means that I have several items that are stashed all over the place so that I don't ruin Anny's First MD.

Here is the reason that I'm a terrible gift giver. I can't keep gifts to myself. I never should have ordered things three weeks in advance. It will be really hard to keep things out of her hands for another six days.

The reason that I'm a great gift giver is that I am creative about it. I know what Anny wants, even before she does.

Take last years Anniversary Gift as an example. I gave her a nice necklace that goes with more outfits than she could have imagined. I could not leave it at that, when there was a nice pair of earrings to match. Solution? I know, grab the earrings for her "push present" in June. It's only a couple of months from March to June.

Nope. I gave her everything - all at once. When it came time for the big birth day in June I found myself just gently reminding her that she would get nothing to celebrate, as she had already gotten them months earlier.

So here I sit. Something in my bag. Something in my desk at work. Something in my night stand. Just hoping that I can keep myself together enough to not ruin her special day.

One guy I know has bought his wife a potted plant online. It arrived last week, so now he has to keep it watered enough not to die, but keep it hidden from the sun enough to not bloom too early. Wow. One rule I have is to not give live things if I have to keep them a surprise.

**So as to not give you mothers out there any ammunition against your significant other, while there are several gifts, they are all small and not expensive.

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  1. I am the same way! I always end up giving presents early, or giving enough hints that the recipient guesses. BJ drives me insane with the guessing - he gets his Christmas gift early every year, because he guesses. Punk.

    I know you didn't ask for hints, but as a mom, the one thing I really want for Mother's Day is a day off. A real day off. A day of not having to do anything for the kids at all. And it should include sleeping late, breakfast in bed, a manicure and pedicure, a nice lunch out, time to sit and drink a glass of wine and read, a chick flick, and a back rub. The back rub may or may not lead to other things, depending on the quality of the rest of the day. BJ's e-mail address is bjaustin at the same domain as mine, if you want to give him a hint. :) Feel free to use any or all of these ideas for Anny.

    Amy @