May 29, 2008

Ready to Set My TiVo

Watch and comment below.

I can't find the commercial we saw on the TV, but it seems that over the course of three weeks they will have infants, toddlers, pre-teens, teenagers and even elderly people. Should make for some good TV!

Maybe I should make my friend from last weeks post watch it with me!

Your thoughts?


  1. WHO agreed to loan NBC their baby? I'll watch, I'm sure it will be interesting but I don't believe that it's something you can simulate.

  2. PLEASE tell me that's a joke. I can NOT imagine "lending" my child out for a show. I've seen a little behind-the-scenes-action on shows now, so I'm guessing the parents were always right there, but STILL.

  3. OK - this is a "button pusher" for me. I think this is ridiculous! What kind of IDIOT would think to remove their toddler (or infant, for that matter) from their parents for an extended period of time? Hello??!! Makes me sick to my stomach. And what does this say for breastfeeding? That's the lactivist in me speaking, of course, but you can't loan out your baby if you are her primary means of nutrition, now can you? Ugh!

  4. The real parents appear to be IN the house, watching every single move.

    I would really prefer to not have a "primary means of nutrition" discussion here, thanks.