May 24, 2010

Menu Monday

We are in the process of clearing out the food that is in our freezer.  Part of this is because it's time to defrost and it's easier if the freezer is empty.  Most of it is because we are not moving food with us, so we might as well use it.

That is why we had something new this week (yesterday).  A few months ago I caught the vacuum sealed Alaskan Farm Raised Crab packages at a ridiculous price.  My plan was to eat it, but we forgot about it in the freezer because it's compact and got buried.  As the freezer has been cleaned through, we found it.  We decided to do a Cream of Crab soup and are glad we did!  Yummy!

So - this week here is our plan:

Sunday - Cream of Crab Soup (used a basic recipe from a cookbook, added/improved recipe HERE.)
Monday - Chicken Rococo (From Frozen Food Party)
Tuesday - Meatballs and Rice
Wednesday - Tuna Noodle Casserole
Thursday - Family Dinner
Friday - French Toast
Saturday - Grilled Chicken and Veggies

I hope to blog this week about our changing diet.  We both have unique challenges, and of course trying to get Abby to eat at the same time.  Strange stuff.


  1. Ooh, sounds deelicious! My mom's about to move from her big house to a condo in a few weeks, so they're doing the same thing since they can't take their deep freezer with them. As a result, we had mid-year Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday night - roast turkey breast with stuffing, mashed potatoes, green beans and cranberry sauce! Yum!

  2. I love Breakfast for Dinner, but it offends BJ's sense of order. Can I come over on Friday? I'll bring bacon. ;)

  3. I think you and Anny need to move closer to me.. that way I can just come over to your house for dinner! You are so much more organized than me..