April 10, 2010

Nephrologist Update

I went last Wednesday morning to see my nephrologist.  I really like my nephrologist in Rockville, MD and if you would like his info, please contact me.

When I walked in I was immediately grateful to see that they did some remodeling and painted with nice autumns and put new carpet in. It's not that the old stuff was bad, but it was nice to see the change.  Sometimes a nice atmosphere puts you into a nice mood, at least for me.

I hopped up on the scale and cringed.  I only go there every six months or so and I use his professional readings to judge how I'm doing.  I have not gained any weight, but have not lost any.  I will freely admit that Easter candy did me in - or I should say realistically, my addiction to candy at Easter has not helped me.  I have been really good about riding my exercise bike in the evenings while watching hockey (playoffs next week!) and have been better about snacking than I have been in the past.  I am disappointed in myself, mostly.  (but while I'm on weight, please hop over to Pretty Babies and check out all of the weight that my friend Amy has lost!)

I was a little concerned about my blood pressure, but only because at our last visit I was taken off of my meds to help regulate it.  Okay, I was taken off of ONE of my meds that helps to regulate it.  My blood pressure was a really great 108/80.  Phew.

Everything is looking good for everything that he tested for except my protein levels - but those seem to be relatively suspect for my spot-urine-samples.  When I just do a quick test the numbers have fluctuated each time over the last four visits - from 900 to 1400 to 1000 to 2200 (parts per million).  This is not seeming to be very useful.  As such he has ordered a 24 hour urine sample, which means a day off of work for me.  I have a general rule that if you have pee in the fridge, it should be your own pee. 

The good news is that he thinks that it should be time for me to start weaning off of the Cyclosporine.  I've been taking it for about seven years now and have not tried to cut back in over four years.  With my labs generally in order it makes sense to see if my kidneys are making any progress.  With an immuno-suppressant being used it's only doing it's job - suppressing while giving my kidneys help with healing.  The thing is that if I stay on them too long, there is (of course) risk of kidney damage.  (Better than anal leakage, I think.) 

The bad news is that if I'm not going to be under his care he is not going to let me do it now.  (Okay, "let me do it" is not correct.  He's suggesting that I find a doctor in Saint Louis first, then begin to wean.)  I agree completely. When I moved from VA to MD I got caught up in Anny's diet and almost killed myself.  I have learned better now, thankyouverymuch.

So, there you have my nephrologist report for April 2010.  I'll be seeing him in June again before we leave, and am soliciting for names of a new nephrologist in Saint Louis, MO.  (Not in the city, necessarily, but any suggestions are welcomed!)


  1. I've got my quarterly doctor's appointment to check on my diabetes in two weeks and I"m not looking forward to it. I can guarantee the lecture about my weight and my blood pressure always spikes whenever I go to the doctor's office. My home machine always shows my pressure in check. Glad to see you are doing well. Thoughts and prayers for continued progress.

  2. Aw, thanks for the shout out.

    Get yourself on Seriously. If I had known how EASY it would be to lose 54 pounds, I would've done it a long time ago. Get the app, get on the website, write down what you eat, and stop when you get to your calorie goal every day.

    You can have the candy, if you write it down.

    Stupid Easter candy is harshing my buzz, too.

    But seriously, Livestrong, because if I can do this you can do this.

  3. Glad to hear everything is going well. I feel you on losing weight. I was doing well and have slacked off for about 6 months - 1 yr. When are you moving from MD to MO?

  4. I just found your blog on OrgJunkie's menu plan monday. My father lived with kidney disease since he was 18. He was on dialysis for 25 years! He was a construction worker, concrete pourer & heavy machine operator up until the end. He passed away last year, but NOT because his treaments weren't working. He died of a broken heart-my mother died a couple years before & he just stopped taking care of himself & kind of gave up! I wanted to share this because I wanted you to know that he had a full wonderful life & worked harder than anyone I know. I wish you health, happiness & all the best!! Oh, as for your weight loss, since my dad was a seasonal worker, he 'fattened up' & grew a full beard in the winter and lost every pound every summer just by going back to work!