April 23, 2010

Moving Update

Anny and I are decent actors.  I have heard her tell someone the same things that I have been saying to other people, but we don't say it to each other.

"Yeah, I am getting nervous about not having a contract on the house and no job lined up yet..."

On the House Front
We have had one open house and at least a half a dozen showings at this point.  Our house is sloped inside so it is a harder sell, but I am getting frustrated with the process, and it has nothing to do with our Realtor, believe it or not.  I do not play games with real life very well.  Want to play a board game or a sport, I'm in.  Want me to keep my house in tip-top shape because some people can not envision the house without a toy Princess Castle on the floor?  Tell them to figure it out, I have better things to do with my life than move that stupid castle twice a day!

The other thing driving me crazy is the "game" of real-estate-showing windows.  We get a call saying that somoene wants to show the house in a one hour window - let's say 6-7 pm.  We get out of the house to grab some dinner, spending money we do not really have to spend on food and disrupting Abby's schedule beyond belief and come home at 7:30 to give the Realtor a half hour cushion.  Why, oh why, did they show up at 8:00?  I know that you're out seeing several houses in one trip, but you can't tell all of them that you will be there in a one hour frame, it's not fair to those of us who are trying to live a life.  One Realtor actually snapped back at me "you know how it is when you're looking at five houses."  I may have suggested that she be more considerate in the future.  I bet we don't hear from her again.  Oh well.

On the Job Front
Anny has entered her information into a big database for Missouri schools and has already had one interview!  It turns out that she did not get that job, but she has since gotten a little more attention from one of the school districts.  They asked her to do an online questionnaire, which she did on Wednesday.  Then she got a call yesterday that they want her to come in for an interview.  It seems that they can not do it over the phone, so we looked at our calendar and have been in contact with Paul and Sarahlynn about arranging a quick trip for Anny.  Once she sets up with that particular district she is going to call one or two others to see if she can set up interviews on the same day and do it in one trip.  So - Anny has progress made, but no job yet.

I on the other hand have nothing.  Nada.  I have applied for one job which turned out to be part time and thus I was disqualified.  I have been pretty calculated in not applying for jobs until we have Anny figured out.  It would be really nice if we can both work in the same area so that we can look for a house that would be close, too.  The "good" part of not having a bachelors (or higher) degree is that I am not going to be tied into a particular field, and that is cool with me.  I am completely open to anything! I have working in all sorts of places - my first job was driving a golf cart at a driving range, and since then I have worked retail, worked in a warehouse, worked in an office with three people and had my own office.  I won't work construction (I'll admit it, I'm weak) but outside of that I'm open to absolutely anything.  With that being said, I have made no progress and have no job yet. 

If Anny has nothing lined up by June 1 I will be freaked out pick up a job hunt and deal with a commute if I have to, but since we have some flexibility we are alright with how things are right now. 

The Current Plan
People ask us when we are actually planning to move and we kind of duck and weave.  We are not sure, but we do have a window available to us.  As a teacher, Anny will complete her contract here and will be ready to roll at her new school in August.  That is the bottom line.  That leaves us about a seven or eight week window to get to Saint Louis.  The best bet that I can give folks is that it will probably be between June 25 and the Fourth of July.  If someone swept in today and offered us a contract on the house and says they want to close on May 31, we will figure out temporary housing to finish out Anny's school year and take off shortly after that.  If we do not have the house sold by the end of June - well, that's where things get tricky.  We are hopeful.  We are prayerful.  We ask that you are hopeful and prayerful for us as well. 

The Listing
It seems silly to put up a blog post about our move and not include a link to the official listing for our home.  If you know someone who is looking for a house inside the DC Beltway, please send them here:
It lists four bedrooms, but there is a fifth that we can't include because it does not have a window.  New A/C, huge kitchen (big enough to be jealous of!) and a house-sized addition, too!


  1. I hate to get all zen on you, because I hate it when people get all zen on me when I'm in a stressful situation, but what is meant to happen will happen.

    You've got a lovely house. I'd buy it!

  2. I'm a little anxious for you all, too. But I'll ficus on the hoping and praying and whatnot. :-)

    C'mon housing market: improve!

  3. Honey, stop the car!! Great listing, lovely house, beautifully staged! I see the princess castle has been moved...
    Wow, so much unknown. But at the risk of getting all zen on you myself, everything works out in the end (is that zen? Who knows?).
    Disrupting Abby's schedule so much has got to be the WORST. But I'm sure it'll all be over soon. Good luck!!!

  4. Rob,
    It'll be okay. But there's just no getting around the anxiety until it IS okay. And in spite of my jokes, my prayers for you & Abby & Anny are Calm.
    So, many visits to Coldstone is my prescription...

  5. I feel your pain with the real estate nonsense. We have our house and a condo I owned before we were married on the market. Not that our house is a mess, but when you've got a two year old whose favorite game is to find a way to put everything he owns on the floor it is tough to keep it looking organized.

    The other day I actually lit into a broker in charge because an agent that came to show our house was rude to my wife. She was out with little man and came back 45 minutes after they should have been gone. The agent made some snide comment to my wife when she walked in the door. Needless to say I called the agent and let her have it, then I called her boss.

    I spent 6 years in the mortgage business, so I have a substantial dislike for real estate agents in general.

  6. Rob - sending lots of thoughts and prayers your way. I can not imagine the stress and wish you, Anny and Abby the best of luck. Looking forward to hearing good news on all fronts from you soon.