August 29, 2011

Abby's First Baseball Game!

Alternate Title: Technically, the Experiment Worked

(I am realizing that part of the reason I do not blog as often is that I include updates about Abby and myself over on Facebook. That being said, I am going to start to incorporate more of those updates here.)

From FB, on our way to the game:
Take me out to the ball game - take me out to the crowd!
Pre-bought hot dogs and soda-pop, extra fun 'cause we're going with a cop.
Yes it's root, root root for the home team, If they don't win it's expected. (sorry, but it's true!)
For it's one (gorgeous day), two (train rides too!), three (of us going)
to the old.... baaallll..... game!

Yesterday afternoon we took Abby to her first baseball game ever! The weather was great, and we were there as part of a great deal from a group of children at church who started a service organization called Kids Who Care. We got tickets and lunch for less than it would have cost us for a movie, and we got to actually hang out and not just sit and stare at a screen!

We ended up sitting a row in front of some friends from church, so we hooked up with them beforehand to ride the train together, too. Always more fun to do something like that with friends, right?

When we first arrived, and for about an hour of the game, we were in the hot sunlight. We finally convinced Abby to put a hat on and that helped bring her whining into check. I think that if she knew a little bit more about baseball she might have had more interest, but I was doing my best to keep her into the game. I think that the reason I like other sports better is that I can tell Abby "there are ten more minutes left" instead of "I have no idea kid, if this guy makes a hit this could go on for another hour!"

Before the game actually started I thought Abby might get into the game as Fredbird (the Redbird i.e. Cardinal) came out onto the field. Abby knows him through a lot of our outings to festivals and such.

Some time during the 5th inning I needed to get Abby up and moving, as she was already saying it was time to go home. We went around just a little bit and found a really awesome photo-op spot!

She actually got a bit more into the game from this vantage point - we were only a little bit closer, but there was more room for her to be up and about, and SHADE! (By the time we got back to our seats the shade was more plentiful, and I got her ice cream.)

I also got here a tiny baseball bat! She loved trying to swing it - which was okay until she started accidentally hitting people. We had to put it away right after this picture:

Busch Stadium is the cleanest I have been to, outside of the first trip down to MCI/Verizon Center when it was brand new. The trains were also exceptionally clean, though a bit confusing for us newbies. Great to have people with us that knew routes and such better than we did!

At the end of the day I asked Abby what was her favorite part of the game. Fredbird? Nope. Ice Cream? Nope, surprisingly. Her new Pink Bat? Nope. It was playing with her friend Henry. That's my girl!


  1. Wow, great job, Abby!! I can't imagine taking Sammi to a ball game. The whining would be incessant. I've often thought about it, though, because Steve and I both love baseball. Maybe, just maybe, when she's a little bit older, we'll try out one of the minor league games nearby, as they're always geared towards children. Love the pics, and that photo op is stunning!

  2. Looks like a great day! I love that picture with the arch in the background! I would have to do the same with the bat - take it away until we left!

  3. We never make it to the 5th inning! We usually peter out after 3 or 4. Baseball is a loooong sport.