August 03, 2011

Quick Bits

Another one of those annoying, bullet point blog posts. Oh well.
The bat from a few posts ago is back in our window, and has actually made a habit of staying in our window during the day. I've done some looking online and it seems that it is not something we should have concern about, so we are just letting him... hang out! A friend of ours said that if we saw it more than once we had to name it, so Abby decided on Elmo.
Because of all of the heat, my camera is hibernating. It's unfortunate, but none of us want to be outside for more than ten minutes or so. A week! I can deal with lower 90's, but we have not been that low in a while. Last night at 8:30 I was on my way home from a meeting at church and the car thermometer still read 101 degrees. That is just gross. I hereby faux-vow to not complain when it gets bone-chilling cold next winter.
I am a fan of Netflix. I know people are complaining about the rate hike, but for us an extra $60 for the YEAR is not significant. I have been enjoying watching the series Scrubs over again, starting with the first episode. Anny has gotten into Bones thanks to the streaming option, again starting at the beginning. Really fun was the pilot episode of MacGuyver with my father-in-law on Monday. I can not fathom pitching that show idea to TV executives with as cheesy as the premiere turned out!
We have been experimenting with lots of fun foods this summer and some have turned out great! Tuna pockets went over better than we thought it would for Abby. Mixing sausage-meat into turkey to create stuffed burgers is better than I ever could have thought. Home made Corn Dogs were a hit, but that was not a surprise. I am most looking forward to Steak 'Um Pita's later this week or early next!
We have been experimenting with lots of fun foods this summer and some have turned out awful! Aloha Chicken was fun to make and yummy to eat, except the parts of chicken that were still raw. The only thing worse than that was when we had company over and tried a new recipe for "mint chocolate chip" "ice cream" that was really greek yogurt and spinach with chocolate chips and peppermint extract. We trashed all leftovers before our guests left. Abby loved it, to be honest, but I think it is mostly because she did so much of the work to make it!
I want to blog more, but don't want to be completely boring. I hope to get another post up this week, but who knows. This heat is so oppressive that I sometimes can not keep thoughts long enough to type them out... Really.

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