August 18, 2011

Daddy Daughter Dinner Picnic!

Alternate Title: Making up for a Summer in an Evening

Remember two weeks ago when I posted about how great it was that my wife and daughter were headed back to school and our "normal" routine would finally come back together? (Here it is, if you need a refresher.) Bottom line is that I was jealous of the time they got to spend together every day.

I have had some opportunities over the last few days to make up for an entire summer of jealousy in having a good chunk of Saturday and all of Monday all to myself with Abby. Saturday Anny went with the Middle Schoolers at church to help out as they volunteered at a food kitchen. Monday was a weird schedule thing with the day care who runs off of the school calendar. Though teachers had reported almost a week earlier, they were closed Monday. 

What really made up for the summer was Back-To-School night for Anny. I asked Abby in the morning what she wanted to do, and she was clear that she wanted to have a PB&J Picnic! While she played after we got home I made a couple of sandwiches and grabbed some goldfish and strawberries. We packed up the the tiniest picnic basket she could find and were off:

I suggested we drive, but mostly because I wanted to stop for dessert on the way home. I could not tell hert that was my reason. Abby had her heart set on walking to the park. I had my heart set on not walking the stroller over there and told her that if we went she would have to walk both ways, without complaint. She thought about it for a minute, then decided it was a good plan. Walking to the park we caught up about each of our days. It was nice. 

When we got to the park Abby was already pretty hungry and looking for a quick place to eat. We walked around the lake a bit until Abby found just the right place. 

It did not last for long because she needed a potty run. We packed our stuff up and headed for the potty, and closer to the playground itself. After doing-what-she-does she declared that we were going to eat the rest of our dinner ON the playground! How about no, kiddo. We found a new spot to sit and eat that was out in the grass, but close enough to see the Green Dinosaur that is half of the reason she likes Kirkwood Park

We sat and at the rest of our sandwiches, shared some strawberries and had some goldfish. I always seem to take more of those than we end up needing! 

(Notice that we created no trash! Thanks Camp K, for teaching Abby that we can be trash-free, even when we pack a picnic!)

We watched a men's league softball game for a few minutes before going to play on the swings and heading home. The thing I am just realizing is that she wanted to go to "The Green Dinosaur" park, but did not even ride on the green dinosaur. Funny duck.

I am proud of Abby - she planned an evening with minimal help, AND she committed to walking to the park and home without complaint, and she did just that. She carried her little basket both ways, too! I am sure we will do another picnic dinner with Anny as we get into the fall routines a bit more, but I was glad to share a special picnic with just Abby. With pictures like this one, it has become apparent that she is getting older, and quick:

I have said before and will say again, I do not want to miss a thing when it comes to my daughter growing up!


  1. Wow, that sounds like an amazing and wonderful time you spent together! I think things like that *certainly* make up for not being able to spend more time with each other earlier in the summer. These times are special.

  2. She is getting so big! What a fun tradition for you two. I love it!

  3. Awwwww...that sounds so NICE! I'm thinking that I could use some mommy/daughter time with Izzy. Maybe I'll take a tip from you, pack up a picnic basket and head tp to a playground with her :) Thanks for the inspiration!