September 10, 2011

Children are Funny v2

Another three quick but cute stories about Abby!

Story One: Sharing is Caring
A few weeks ago one of my co-workers gave Abby a little heart-shaped, green "gem" ring. It is nicer than the others that we have because it adjusts down to the tiny size of her finger. Abby was so touched about the random act of kindness that she actually came home and handed me another one and said "Please take this to Miss Mary and tell her thank you!" How sweet!

Story Two: Meet Your New Mommy?
This afternoon Abby was wearing said adjustable ring as part of her dressing up. She was decked out in hair-clip earrings, necklaces and all! Anny asked where Abby got such a beautiful ring. Abby did not hesitate before saying "One of daddy's girlfriends at work gave it to me!"

In my defense, when we ran into Mary at the park a few weeks ago she did tell my family that I am "everyone at the office's Work Husband!" Yes, I can see how this could be confusing. Also, I can see that we need to work with Abby on what "co-worker" means so that she can use it properly!

Story Three: I Wanna Dance!
Anny and I were in the kitchen as I was cooking and she was emptying the dishwasher as Abby was playing with her Little People in the living room. The music was on, too. Anny was telling me about a co-worker that has a four year old daughter whose soccer team is in desperate need of players. We do not really want to get her into organized sports yet. She has years of that in front of her and for now we just want her goofing off in the park. That being said, we really want her to make a bunch of new friends so that we can expand our friend base at the same time. Yes, we are parents and we are sometimes selfish. :)

Anyway, as we were talking in the loud kitchen about whether to look into the soccer team a bit more or sign her up for the dancing class at the local rec center. We decided we would talk with her about it over dinner, but we were aided in a plan pretty quickly when Abby yelled "you HAVE TO sign me up for dance class, you know!" in a loving-but-very-sarcastic tone! Guess we had our answer, and she meant it!

I have another blog post bouncing around in my brain. Might get to them tonight, but probably not since we're going out dancing with Abby and a handful of other friends!

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