August 21, 2011

Abby in the St Louis Post Dispatch!

Alternate Title: Do I really need an alternate title, Abby's in the paper?!

So it is clear that we like to take Abby out dancing, even more clear if you saw all of our Facebook status updates. If there is a free show we are there, especially if it is an outdoor show. This weekend we ended up at two - one massive outdoor festival and one local park-opening. Can you guess which got a picture of Abby into the St. Louis Post-Dispatch?

Since we do not get a newspaper anymore, I put out a call on Facebook and ended up with two or three copies of the newspaper above! (For a clearer image of the picture in the picture, click HERE.) Not only did she get a picture in the paper, but a huge picture at that! (The article is not great - a lot of focus on some random guy five blocks away that had to clean up trash from his yard from a person that paid $10 to park in his yard. Oh well, the picture is fun!)

The guy in the blue shirt is someone we do not know, and will likely never see again, but he and Abby had a blast dancing for a while, mostly to get a better picture for the photographer. She is used to me taking her picture, but the guy from the newspaper had a bigger camera, and was a complete stranger, so she needed some coaxing. Just as I was going to go up and get her twirling and hopping, the guy in the picture hopped up to join it.

It was completely hilarious for me - I never get to see how silly I look when I dance with her in public. Now I know how silly it looks, but I plan to keep it up!

So, here is Abby's first newspaper appearance. In this day and age that also means that she has her own "tag" on the newspaper's website. Crazy. Cool, but very crazy!

(Other things we did this weekend include the aforementioned second-concert that included climbing in and around a fire truck; some yummy ice dream at a home made candy store; a little hockey for me this evening. Next weekend will also be big - Sunday will be Abby's first baseball game! Hopeful for good weather and a Card's win!)


  1. So cool! Put those extra copies somewhere safe.

  2. That's so awesome!!! What a little star! And good luck on Sunday at the baseball game! I bet this newspaper photo is just the first of many to come for Abby. :-)

  3. That's so great! I'm glad that guy was awesome enough to get out there with her and dance. Hey, wait a minute...where were YOU? Why weren't you dancing with the little Miss Abby? :)