March 12, 2007

TV: TLC "My Life as a Child"

Have you caught the show "My Life as a Child" on TLC yet? It's simply amazing to me.

Here's the official site.

Here's the deal: 20 kids were given video cameras to film their perspective of their life. I know that there is a filter on each child. Someone edited to fit three kids into each one hour episode.

But the things that are coming out of seeing:

A boy with Cerebral Palsy saying that he wants to walk someday so that his parents don't have to help him. He also was more eloquent about the role of his parents in his life at the age of 9 than I was at the age of 19.

An adopted girl talked about her definition of family, and it's much more inclusive than I ever could have put into words. I think that I had the same understandings, but certainly not the same words.

A piano genius at the age of 7 (?) that understood his brilliance enough that he knows that it's a gift that he has to cherish. His view on other children seems a bit skewed to me, but that's how he lives his life. (Summation of his statement was that children his age are not able to talk about things of the world, so he does not talk to them. He likes to play with them, though!)

It's on Monday nights on TLC. If you have a chance to watch it, I would recommend it! I've got it set to TiVo all of them so that I don't forget!

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  1. I totally caught that show the other day and it blew me away! The one I saw had a little boy who lives in Baltimore who lives in a bad neighborhood and cries at night when he hears the gun shots. He was an amazing and bright child and it was sooo cool to hear him tell his own story.