March 14, 2007

My 100th Post!

Post Number 100!!!!din

A lot has happened since my first post, and so I will take a moment to update a few topics...

Kidneys -
I had an appointment yesterday morning and everything is going well with my kidneys. The stupid lab did not do two of the tests that they should have, but there was still enough information to know that things are still on the right track. I will never be without kidney disease, but at least for now it is under control. He also told me that I need to lose weight. Surprise surprise.

Baby -
HERE is the official site for that, but things are going really well. If I were to put things onto a calendar with June being the end date for getting projects done around the house, I think I'm right on schedule. I keep being told that once she's here, it's a done deal and I won't have time for myself. You know, that's okay!

Lovely Wife -
Five year anniversary this month! I have never been happier. I've been told that I need to do something super-special since it will be our last alone-anniversary. I'm working on that.

Work -
Apparently I am too nice and trustworthy, or so I was told yesterday. We reviewed my job description and added at least one more committee to my list. In an office of ten people, I now report to six directly. It's good, though, as it keeps me busy. I celebrated two years at the job two weeks ago and am really happy to be here.

Church -
I have been co-teaching Confirmation to a group of 9 youth with my pastor. It's been a really good experience for me, and I hope that the youth involved would say the same. I am learning new things, and getting to know some of the youth of the church better. I have been approached by several asking me if I want to teach Sunday School next year. Still debating.

Puppy -
Our beloved puppy is moving on to a better suited home the first week in May. I've posted lots of pictures of her, so this is worth an update, right? She's a year old now, and has in recent weeks shown great improvement in her behavior. On the other hand, she's still a puppy, full of energy and more energy. With the baby coming and knowing that she will become priority number one, we have asked some friends to adopt her from us. It's a better situation for her, and for us. She's gonna love it!

Life -
In general, life is great!

I can't think of anything else to update. Is there anything I've missed?


  1. I love a good synopsis! Congrats on all the wonderful things going on in your life.

  2. Hey Rob,
    When I was born my parent's had just gotten (by a few months) a doberman. She was all puppy. My mom had a cow. When I came along she got even more out of control... to the point my mom was afraid to leave me alone when the dog wasn't in view... They finally had to get rid of her because they were afraid she'd push me over, etc. Never bite..just too hyper.
    so I know it's hard but it's for the best!