March 11, 2007

Time Change Giggle

The Today Show, and NBC in general, have been pushing the time change stories about how everything could come to an end if the clock change didn't go well.

Last night I changed a couple of clocks in the house.
The Laptop updated itself, like clockwork. :o)
Cell phone updated itself with a quick restart.

But not the Today Show. Campbel "I'm an Idiot, Look At Me" Brown admitted that she didn't really remember and had to ask the producers of the show to call and wake her up. But then, I looked at the clock they always have in the corner. It was not changed! The local station got it, but the national did not.

And that's my Time Change Giggle.

(Now I'm off to change the smoke detector batteries. You had best go do the same!)


  1. Sounds like a FAB show...what time is it on?

    And I believe I'm thanking you for the Old Bay surprise? =)

  2. I was sick today and noticed that too! I kept rubbing my eyes...trying to figure out if it was a mistake or the fact that my head cold made my eyes water so badly I was just going blind.
    Stupid show!