March 21, 2007

She is my brothers Niece

This morning I was kicked in my kidney..... by my unborn daughter! That little girl must be getting advice from her uncle Jason.

A common phrase that my brother uses, I assume only to me, is "I'll punch/kick/stab you in the kidneys." Often this phrase is justified because of something I have just said or done. It's an empty threat, typically.

I hear this so often that I made mention of it to my mom and sister when they were here a few weeks ago before we went out shopping. I practically guaranteed that he would use his famous line at least three times. He must have been on his best behavior because he only said it once, and alluded to it once. I was almost disappointed, but mostly because I don't like being wrong.

So anyway, this morning as I was laying against Anny's now-typically warm belly, I felt quite a strong kick. From the baby, not from Anny. She kicked with accuracy, too. That little brat kicked me right in one of my kidney scars!

As you can guess, it did not hurt nearly as badly as if her uncle had done it, but it was pretty darned funny.

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