March 08, 2007

MySpace? Certainly not MINE!

So there is a friend from high school that is on MySpace and I have wanted to reconnect with him for a while. He's one of those friends that as soon as graduation was over, he went on to a real school and left us in the dust.

The other day I decided that I would sign up for a myspace account to get in contact with him, and see what the fuss is all about.

But then I decided that I didn't need another web presence right now, since I'm struggling to put anything worthwhile here or HERE. So I didn't complete the signup process, and immediately deleted the "click here to complete your registration" email that I got.

Then it happened.

Someone decided that they wanted to be my friend. WHA? I don't know you! I don't even know how you found me. You're a freak, and put some clothes on you CHILD! (Not Tom. I know that Tom just comes along automatically! I'm not that far out of it.)

So there is no MySpace for Me. I'll just get my sister to get in contact with AA for me this weekend.

1 comment:

  1. You could just pretend to be a girl. I don't get MySpace spam like that!