February 04, 2007

People Seem to be Missing This

Okay - GW Bush has done a good thing by showing up at the Democratic Retreat in Williamsburg this weekend. Nothing is going to get done in the next two years if both parties can come to terms with each other in some way.

But. With W there always seems to be a But.

The quote that I am seeing on different sources is this:
''I listened to many members here. I listened to members of my own party. I listened to the military and came up with a plan that I generally believe has the best of succeeding" (I even rewound to use the mute feature. He sure did say generally.)

GENERALLY believe? I found a source that quoted him as ".....that I genuinely believe has the best of succeeding" which I what I think, no, hope and pray that he meant to say. If he only generally has belief that there is a successful outcome, that is simply not good enough.

Argh. He had already made fun of his diction. (The article that I found good transcript of that is HERE)

Only 715 more days until the next Inauguration Day! (as of posting, that is. Click on the link for the official countdown)


  1. ooOOO, I've made your link list! Thanks for the comment too. I LOVE the new HASSLED acronym. Fab. =) It's nice to see you are a fellow Bush-hata too.

  2. You have a point...however...
    I was a) sober when that picture was taken and b) not at a concert taking pics of everyone instead of watching the show.
    You're going to be banned from the blog if this behavior continues.