January 27, 2007

I Mowed Snow!?!

Because of the crazy weather we've had here for the last month, I had the honor and privilege of mowing my front lawn today. In JANUARY!

Over Christmas week it was really warm, followed by some nice rain, and more warmth. Since we put down lots and lots of fresh grass last summer since the front lawn had to be dug up, we apparently bought some hearty stuff that felt the need to grow.

Last weekend we had snow, and still had a pile of it on the lawn too. Since it 50 degrees (F, that is) today, I decided that I needed to cut my very tall grass. VERY tall grass.

So yes, I felt like an idiot today, mowing my lawn when it should be covered with snow, or at least in a dormant brown colored state like the rest of my neighbors.

That's my "wintery" January story for this weekend.

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