February 22, 2007

A Little Scare - but All is Well

Apparently I ran myself so ragged over the past week that I came up lame on Tuesday afternoon. Here's how it went down...

BIG snow and ice storm last week had me out shoveling our driveway and helping our neighbors dig out for about 5 hours on Wednesday. Yes, that's how I spent my Valentines day.

A Holiday Weekend in our house typically means one thing: let's go to the beach house and do some shopping! On Saturday we drove out and I took a couple of my aunts friends out to all of the stores that they wanted to go to while Anny stayed back and worked on her National Board Certification stuff, and took a nap. On Sunday I went back to as many or more stores with Anny and my brother and sister-in-law. (She's a natural born shopper. She'll find a sale and make really good use of it!)

By Monday we had a new dilemma. We had an extra car sitting in front of the house, but since there had been so much melting and re-freezing I needed to get a space cleared out. Bring in the sledge hammer! It worked like magic. I just started to break the ice into smaller pieces, and then tossed them into my yard.

I didn't hurt at all on Monday, but on Tuesday I had such sharp pains in my back, directly under my kidneys, that we decided that I needed a visit to the doctor. Luckily, it turns out, that I have only a "Nicely Pulled Muscle" and not kidney stones, which was his first worry also. Better safe than sorry.

My biggest problem is not the pain, though that still lingers. My biggest problem is that I have worked out timing of getting things done in the Nursery, and this has set me back by at least three days. ARGH!


  1. A hurt back, that totally stinks. If it makes you feel any better I was worried that we'd never get the nursery done but once we got in there and actually started working it went really fast. So once you're up on your feet again you'll be done in no time, no sweat. But really, plans involving sledge hammers... take it east next time!

  2. Sorry about our car causing problems... I didn't know there was a sledge hammer involved in any of the snow removal techniques. You should call us next time silly!