February 26, 2007

My Name is Rob, and I'm a Sugar-aholic

I love holidays! From Valentines Day (conversation hearts) to Christmas (homemade candies from Elise and my MIL), and everything in between!

Sure, there are candies that are available year round, like M&M's, but those get to be boring pretty quickly. So, here's my Reason for Each Season, in calendar order:

Valentines Day - Red Hots and Conversation Hearts have my heart.

Easter - Cadbury Eggs, Cadbury Mini Eggs, and Robins Eggs are the best from the bunny.

Halloween - Candy Corn and Any Miniaturized Candy Bar are what I hope the Great Pumpkin will put on sale by September 1!

Christmas - Though I prefer the homemade stuff, I am a sucker for a good candy cane. I'm also a mint fan, and a lot of candies come out with minty stuff this time of year!

Whoa. There is nothing between Easter and Halloween for my candy addiction? No wonder I get sick of M&M's during that span.

Whoa again. Why is it that during the winter months, i.e. the months that I don't regularly walk because of the weather, are the months that I have the best access to sugary goodness? That really doesn't make sense. Fruits and veggies are better during the summer, but those don't make me feel fat.

What is your favorite holiday-related candy?


  1. Dude, I totally agree with you about the Cadbury Cream Eggs. The Easter holiday has also increased the diversity of jelly beans...Starburst and Jelly Bellys are the BEST!

  2. Candy canes? Seriously...who actually likes candy canes?

  3. I do, that's who! :) Candy Canes are awesome! But conversation hearts are better. My all time favorite has got to be Starburst jelly beans, but I don't consider those holiday candy - I get them year round because I have a serious sugar issue.
    My favoriate holiday candy is probably the conversation hearts. I bought a huge bag of them on clearance right after valentine's day 'cause I'm pathetic. . .

  4. Okay, I am SOO with you on the candy cane and conversation heart situation....
    Now...for the month of January...
    It is my birthday month...and my favorite candies are Haribo gummy bears. (I also enjoy Swedish Fish and Spongebob Krabby Patties.) So, Rob, I offically give to you "January- The month of Gummy candies!" Next January, I want to see you shoveling Haribo Gummy Bears in by the hadnful!