February 15, 2007

Almost Missed It....

Yesterday was my Blogiversary! One year online and still typing away!

(I'm honestly surprised that I've kept it up this long, since most things that I start are left unfinished! Maybe I still blog because there is no "finish" on the other end.)

I have a goal for the next year that has more to do with other blogs than mine, but my goal is to comment on at least one blog per day. People I know, people I don't. I want to branch out from my little corner of cyberspace.

Any recommendations as to where I should start reading?


  1. I enjoy your comments. They make my day! Keep reading and commenting. Your blog rocks!...
    Now...I need a bit more 411 on the wee Monroe! I'm sure Anny is tired so that is now your job!

  2. Here are three blogs that I read almost every day; all are excellent and they are in no particular order:




    Of course, I also recommend my own blog :-) I love your idea...I've learned so much from my trips about the blogosphere. Good luck!

  3. I appreciate your comments! It makes me feel like my "corner of cyberspace" is getting a little larger. =) I enjoy reading postsecret.blogspot.com. It is only updated on Sunday, but it is amazing!

  4. I was snooping on Mr. Monroe's blog looking for ideas for my current blogger assignment and I stumbled here. I think you should comment on some of his students blogs. That'll surprise them.