September 19, 2006

My Shared "Moment of Zen"

Jon Stewart is awesome! Last Saturday night we went with my brother, his wife, and two of their friends to Meriweather Post Pavilion to see Jon Stewart (of the Daily Show fame) live. It was weird to go to a comedy show at an outdoor pavilion when we first got there, but it was an absolutely perfect night out, which made the show even better.

For an official account, read HERE.

As for me, I thought the night was great! Prior to 2006 I had been to exactly zero (0) comedy shows in person. I always have Comedy Central on when nothing else is on the TV. This Jon Stewart show was the third one that I have seen this year! (Blue Collar in March, Jim Gaffigan over the summer) If you have never been to a live, professional comedy show, I highly recommend that you go to one. Even if you have heard some of the material, the delivery is so much more genuine when you can see them, right in front of you.

Stewart was very up-to-date with his humor, even incorporating events that had happened as recently as Thursday! He opened by making fun of our region as a whole calling it the "non-descript crowd from the area between DC and Baltimore." When you open making fun of 10,000 people at once, it has to be a good show!

I also enjoyed his opening act, Mike Berbiglia. I had heard most of his stuff before, but he was very funny. I would have paid the $40 to go see him headline, so for me it was really two great shows in one.

And that's how I spent my Saturday night. Out past 10:30 for the first time in probably a month! (And yes, it was well worth it!)

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