September 18, 2006

Life Cycle of a Dog Toy

Date: Sunday, September 17, 2006

This is the story of a dog toy. Thank goodness that we only shop in the clearance section anymore. After church we enjoyed lunch with new parents Eric and April. From there, we went tot he pet store. Here is the time line of the Stuffed Dog Ring.

1:30 pm - Dog Ring purchased. About eight inches around, stuffed with fluff and and squeaker.
2:45 pm - After the dogs trip to the back yard, we give her Stuffed Dog Ring toy.
3:15 pm - first successful tearing of stitching by Maggie of SDR toy.
4:15 pm - Tear large enough to get some of stuffing out, so now toy is HALF-Stuffed Dog Ring Toy.
5:40 pm - Ring completely emptied of stuffing and squeaker, and HSDR toy is declared dead.

The total life-span of a toy with out seven month old Beagle/Hound mix, Maggie, was just more than four hours. She is amazingly focused at times.

Next post: Jon Stewart Show last Saturday Night.

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