September 06, 2006

Fun on a Long Weekend

Since we will be in Saint Louis this Christmas, Maggie (our 5 month old Beagle) will be staying with family here locally. My family is a dog family. We need to make sure that Maggie will be okay with the other dogs and not freak out, so this was a test run. I'm sure we will have several more before the holidays are here.

Saturday morning we took off early in the rain, headed for the family house in Delaware. We were greeted with the most diplomatic of the dogs, Joey. Joey is a female Golden Lab, about seven years old. She's the most docile big dog I have ever met, going so far as to not flinch when receiving injections of Cortisone for allergies. It took a little bit of effort on everyone's part, but soon Joey and Maggie were cool.

Next was two of the standard poodles. (The third is basically a crack head as it is) After some intentional meet and greet time in the garage, we released all of the dogs into the back yard while we two-legged folks worked on the patio enclosure that was damaged in some nasty wind that had passed through the day before.

The dogs got along very well, even chasing each other for quite a while. Glad to have each of them getting the exercise too! I think that Sunday Morning was the most sleeping-in done in our house in a long time. (Maggie is not yet an alarm-waker, she likes to be up at the same time every day, and it's earlier than I want to be!) I think that they will all be fine at Christmas!

Sunday we went to church, and afterwards met with our pastor to talk about Confirmation Class. I somehow volunteered to co-lead with our Pastor and our Seminary Intern. I have not led confirmation classes before, so this is an exciting proposition! There are only about ten active 8th and 9th graders, so it will be a small class, but mine was only seven! I'm looking forward to a slower-paced youth activity than the every-Sunday that I was used to at my last church.

The afternoon was spent at our friends house. They moved in a few weeks ago and everything that can be in order, is. (They want to get the pool fence redone, and have to rebuild the deck, but those can wait!) Their son is almost two and just as adorable as ever.

Monday (YAY for holidays!) was spent cleaning the house and doing other general stuff. I bought a new pair or running shoes, since I have put several more miles on my cruddy shoes than they ever asked for. I have avoided Nike for many years for silly reasons, but when all is said and done, nothing beats Air Max shoes! We went for a walk last night through the puddles, so I've given a good workout. (and Maggie LOVED playing in puddles)

I'm now to the point of taking two days to write, and I'm feeling like I'm rambling.

Okay, Bye.

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