June 12, 2010

My Three Year Old!

My Dearest Abby -
Today you turn three years old.  We will wake you up with what has become our every-birthday playlist of "It's Your Birthday" by Justin Roberts, "La-Di-Da-Di, It's Your Birthday" by Rachel Coleman and "My Best Day" by Trout Fishing in America.  We enjoy singing these songs because they capture the spirit of birthdays, and they set the tone early in the morning for what a great day (weekend!) it will be.

This weekend will be filled with lots of friends.  This weekend will be filled with lots of food.  This weekend will be filled with lots of fun and memories that you will probably remind us of for weeks and weeks to come.  But it's not all about this weekend.  I wanted to capture some things that are "Abby" as you would be defined on the day you turn three.

Your Best Friend is...
Almost all of your friends are you best friend.  Abby F, Abby S, Noah, Luke, Sophie - all of these names come up a lot on your "best friends" rant that you pull out from time to time.  You also have declared Rusty, our beloved dog who now lives with Gramps, as your best friend.  It's adorable.

Your favorite color is...
Probably purple.  Or pink.  Really your favorite color is whatever you are wearing, and if you are wearing a dress your favoritism of said color grows exponentially.

You are really great at...
Being open to new things.  We are doing our best to expose you to new things all the time.  You approach hikes that include climbing in trees, taking in a Blues Festival and marching in a parade are things that you have done this spring, each with enthusiasm and excitement that we love to see in you.  I hope you never lose that.

You are also really great at helping, even before we ask.  You make your own PB&J before school most days.  Whenever you hear the mixer being brought out for mixing and baking you are quick to grab a chair to
help break eggs and pour and stir and well, everything that we will let you do! 

Okay, one more "You are really great at" thing is hugs.  You give them willingly to anyone we count as friend or family.  Your hugs are amazing for both mommy and I.  Something you will probably be embarrassed by later in life and deny is that you now ask for "Family Hug Time" where mommy and I pick you up and take turns giving you, and each other, kisses.  You smile so big, and I can see in your eyes that you know you are loved, especially in these moments.

Your favorite toy is...
I would have to say it is a tie between your tea set, your painting easel and your Little People.  They all get regular rotation with the billion other things we have.  I love that you have played with Lego's a bunch, too. 

Your favorite book is...
This is another that you just will not settle on.  You really loved potty-themed books as you were on the cusp of being potty trained.  You are a big fan of reading books that you already know, and are getting good at "reading" them back to us. 

We are proud of all that you are today, and look forward to all of the amazing and all of the not-so-amazing things that you have in store.  We love you today more than yesterday, and I am sure that you will continue that trend until the end of time. 

Happy Birthday, my sweet, smart, beautiful and loving Abby.

Dad (and Mom too, if she blogged!)


  1. A very happy birthday to Abby, I hope she has a great day.

  2. that was a great! happy bday Abby.

  3. What a great list for Abby to see when she gets older. Hope that you all had a wonderful 3rd Birthday weekend.

  4. I love your little family big brother! Congrats on three years as a dad.