May 15, 2011

Summer is Coming, and BUSY!

Abby is already focused on her birthday, but is aware that there is a lot that happens between now and June 12th!
  • Next weekend is Paul's birthday and Renaissance Faire
  • The week following is the last week of day care for the year
  • Then a holiday weekend
  • Then a day at work with mom & dad (half at each) and a day at a friend's to finish out Anny's school year
  • Then a driving adventure to Wyoming to celebrate the retirement of Nana and Grandpa
  • A week of Bible School
  • and then Abby turns Four!!
It's only a month away, but when you look at all of those things, it's going to be a long and fun month of waiting!

After her birthday things will be calmed down...for about ten days! Here is what the next five weeks look like, as it stands now...
  • A trip to Maryland (long weekend for me, a week-long trip for Abby and Anny)
  • Fourth of July fun, and a long weekend too!
  • Two weeks of swimming lessons
  • A week of downtime (for now anyway)
  • Then a week of Green-Focused Vacation Bible Camp
Wow - I thought that after a crazy summer like last year it would be hard to be so busy, but I was clearly wrong! What do you have going on that you're most excited about this summer?


  1. Wow, you have a LOT going on!!! And happy early birthday to Abby! How long will it take you to drive to Wyoming, btw? We're jonesing for a road trip some time soon, too (although not to Wyoming, LOL).

    Sammi will stay in her private preschool 2 days a week all summer, with 5 weeks of 3-day-a-week public summer school. I'm trying to get her into some swim lessons, too. Her birthday is in 2 weeks, on Memorial Day, and on July 4th weekend is my 25th high school reunion, so we're going to go up to Jersey (by the beach). Add in numerous other beach/lake weekends, and a possible road trip to Georgia, and that eats up a good portion of the summer!

  2. Certainly sounds busy... Is the second VBS Green as in ecological? Because if it's Green as in St. P's Day, then maybe look into a different organization. Just sayin...