May 09, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

Alternate Title: A Week of Fun in 13 Hours!
First off - Anny got her first Mother's Day Card from me, on this, her third Mother's Day. I didn't want to do it, I'm stubborn like that, but I was stranded at Target for five minutes, and cards are cheaper than other things I could have spent money on!
On Saturday I asked Abby if she wanted to get Anny flowers for Sunday, but she insisted against in because she had potted a merigold at daycare on Friday that was already given. Bummer for me, because I like to be sneaky when it is on a whim. (I am notoriously a bad secret-keeper at home!) So bottom line, no cut-flowers for Anny.
Sunday was fun -
Breakfast made by yours truly - Abby refused to have eggs and instead had her normal granola bar
Walked to church - a favorite past time of Anny's, though we bicker every time about how fast is too fast
Had brunch for the first time in forever! Local microbrewery was packed to the gills, but we managed to get in without reservations
Ran home for a quick change, and then headed out to Laumeier Sculpture Garden for their annual Art Fair. It was huge, but too hot for us to really enjoy it much. We did have some summery treats (ice cream for Abby and I, fresh lemonade for Anny) and danced to a so-so band, so that saved that part of the day for us!
On the way home we hit up the grocery store, you know, so we can eat this week!
After dinner we went out for a hike at a place only Abby had been. She doddled on the first half, but once we got to the view spot and the forest part she was really into it!
All of that meant that Abby went to sleep really quickly when we got home at the end of the day, so we got to catch up on SNL and such on Hulu.
The real "present" part of Mother's Day this year is that she has gotten a coupon for Auto Detailing from a local cleaning company. She cares about keeping the car clean, so it is ideal. She found it herself and I did not have to keep a secret, which is ideal for me!


  1. Wait...she got her FIRST Mother's Day card from you this year? LOL Poor Anny. :-( And I must say, if you're going to buy a card, Target's the place to do it!

    Sounds like a great day!

  2. Store bought cards are fine, but it's not so bad that Anny hasn't been getting them (at least in my opinion - I don't know what she thinks!). I think homemade cards are just as good, if not better. :-) All the sentiment with none of the $! ;-)

    Now that I've been given the OK to resume "normal activity" I must ask: what hiking spot?