May 17, 2011

Photo Tales - Week 4

On Monday my darling little one had a fever, and with daycare involved there are firm rules about that. Sniffles are okay, whining is okay, but fevers end the conversation about whether or not to send a child to daycare. I totally get that - better to keep any illness in the house of one instead of passing around the whole group!

After a morning of taking Abby to my office to get some Monday-essential work done, we went home and just vegged. By the time dinner rolled around I jumped at the chance to make it, because it was more exciting than reading another Caillou book. After dinner I insisted on doing something, anything, outside of the apartment, so we settled on blowing bubbles!

I don't know anyone who does not enjoy blowing bubbles - it's simple and amusing, both of which are right up my alley. In the past we have even bought bubble machines so that we could all enjoy without the "work" of blowing? I have never felt as lazy as when I bought a second bubble blowing machine in two years.

Someone on Facebook commented that the reflection is cool - the sun was beginning to set on a beautiful day and the two apartment buildings behind us lit up beautifully. Well, as beautifully as three-story brick buildings can look. Turned out really great for the reflection, though!

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  1. Oh, that reflection IS awesome!!! Love, love, love bubbles. :-)

    Btw, that drives me crazy about the fever thing, especially if you know it's something to do with an ear or sinus infection. Darn it, I'm sending my kid to school! LOL

  2. Neat reflections...

  3. Can't think of anything I'd rather do than blow bubbles. Seriously. :)

  4. Blowing bubbles can put a smile on ANYONE's face, I'm sure of it! The reflection is awesome!