May 18, 2011

CNN Article on Infertility - from a Dude

A while back I wrote a blog post about our infertility journey from the perspective of both of us - I even had Anny proofread and edit as she saw fit. I do not mean to imply that I held anything back because I was afraid of what she would say or think, I just knew that for the post in question it was a retrospective type with a dual purpose, and I value her input on things like that.
Yesterday I came across an article on that I think is worth a read if you, or someone you know, is going through infertility. This is written from the perspective of ahusband, but I think it would be great for friends and family to read as well.
It's been literally years since we went through our fertility issues, but I can tell you that Anny and I had our biggest struggles with communication when we were struggling with infertility as well. It was only when we broke down and talked through the hard things that we made progress and decisions that we needed to make. 

The best part of the article is the suggestion to not use absolutes when talking about either the future, or just the future of treatments. We had all but given up when Anny asked me to reconsider my "declaration" that we were done.  I was young and not thinking things through at the time - and that experience was a great teaching lesson on giving up absolutes when it comes to anything in our relationship (or life). 

And really, guys, doing the guy test is NOTHING and if you do not just go and do it without complaint, your spouse has every right to punch you in the crotch.

Anyway - wanted to share this article and a little bit of perspective from a guy who went through some of this. We are lucky ones - we only went a little bit in debt (compared to others) and we have a wonderful daughter to show for it. My heart goes out to those who are not so lucky.

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