March 26, 2011

Three Days Later it Still Hurts to Walk

Alternate Title: Broomball Tournament Time!

Last Saturday I played in a broomball tournament as part of the Deaf Inc. Winterfest. Deaf Inc provides ASL classes, interpreting services and advocates for the deaf and hard of hearing. If you remember back to when we were teaching Abby ASL with Signing Time, I know a little. Turns out, a lot of my signs came back to me, and I will admit to watching an episode on Saturday morning to brush up on my Sports Signs!

The team that I played on over the winter actually fielded TWO teams at this tournament, which was a good thing and a bad thing at the same time. When I got there and checked in I found out that both teams were playing at the same time, and since our organizer is also our only goalie, I ran back home to gather more equipment as a just-in-case measure. Glad that I did, because in the first game we played, I had to play goalie!

My team in front of me played really well, and so I had a shutout, with only two shots against. In the second game I ended up with a goal and two assists - all around I had a really good day.

Most of us ended up playing on both teams with the exception of the first game - so I ended up playing goalie twice (gave organizing-guy a break for a game halfway through the day). Playing in each game means that we ended up playing nine games in the course of nine hours!

Our teams ended up the round-robin play in 4th and 5th places. In a playoff field of 8 teams, that means we were slated to play against each other! We opted to have one team forfeit and combine teams to play against the #1 seed for the semi-finals. I am a firm believer that the new guy should be the one to sit on the sidelines, so I volunteered to sit in the semi and play in the final, if we got there. I had a really good time on the sideline - I know hockey and was able to sort of coach from the sideline. I had not even thought of coaching as a hobby until last weekend, but now I think I could get into it really easily. (Not now, too much else on the proverbial plate to take something else on!)

Our team ended up losing in the semi-final game to a much more organized team. Good game, lost 1-0 and there were lots of chances to change the outcome of the game, but they just could not do it.

The title of the post is intentional - I could hardly walk on Sunday, could walk with pain on Monday and Tuesday, and was finally able to get around and feel like a human being again! I spoke to two others on the team that I happen to work with and was relieved to know they felt the same way! It was a blast and I will jump at the next opportunity to do so, but it was not without pain!


  1. That's what she said. :)

    (I am a 14 year old boy trapped in a 34 year old woman's body, apparently).

  2. Good work on the shutout! Did you have to play the game on your knees? Is that how it works when you're the new guy?