March 25, 2011

At-Home Adventure!

The In-Laws came into town this week to watch Abby. Abby's spring break and Anny's did not line up because they operate in two different school district schedules. There are occasional days here and there that get annoying, but a full week meant bringing in reinforcements so neither of us had to take a chunk of time off.

Our apartment is spacious, as I've said before. Each room is oversized, even the kitchen! Normally this just means we have lots of extra space for stuff to fall on the floor - my broomball stuff, Anny's knitting, Abby's... well, Abby's just about everything.

The space came in extra handy this week when Abby had to give up her bed to Anny's parents. Certainly easier for them to stay here, and part of the reason that we opted for the Full sized bed was for instances like this.

Abby was even more excited at the idea of sharing her room, especially when we figured out that she was going to sleep in her TENT! There is an extra crib-mattress that easily moves between here and P & S's house, so she was not really sleeping on the floor, but it was adventure nonetheless!

Here is a picture from her in the tent on her last night:

The blue book that is opened is The Complete Works of Edgar Allen Poe! She likes to pretend that she can read.

She was stocked and ready for anything in there - two pillows, a sleeping bag and blanket, her Poe book, water bottle and two (yes two) night lights.

I can't wait for a real camping trip - we might have to look into something this spring!


  1. That looks like some real fun there. :) I would love to go camping but for some reason Allen has no intrest. He said something along the lines of he camps for a living :)

  2. If we had a tent I would so do this for Chase. I think she'd love it. A full bed is a brilliant idea. I so wish I'd thought of that.

  3. What a smart girlie reading Poe already! Lol. That is awesome that she got to "camp out" at home. How fun!