December 02, 2010

Caps/Blues Game!

(So - no BS about why I have not blogged. Been busy, still adjusting, blah blah blah.  All true, but doesn't matter.)

A friend from church was given a pair of tickets to the Blues game last night - when my team from DC was visiting!  She is a hockey fan, so clearly we had talked about my love of the sport and how I would love to get tickets to the game.  Wow am I glad I have a big mouth - she invited ME!

I had to debate - and included folks on Facebook who were clearly one sided - whether to wear my Blues shirt or my Caps jersey.  Well before we moved I realized that there would be a dilemma - clearly I have been a fan of the Caps since just after birth, but I am a firm believer that you should root for your home team.  (That is why I could never live in Pittsburgh or Philadelphia)  I decided that I can root for two teams for 82 games a year, but for the two times they play each other I would root for the Caps.

Good news for me is that I am a fan of the sport in general, so I ended up in hockey heaven last night as the two teams played a great, clean game with lots of action, lots of hitting and no fights. (Sorry fight-fans, time and a place, and a hockey game is neither.)  The Caps won 4-1 even though St Louis looked to have played a better game and just didn't get the shots to go in. 

So - I've been to a thousand hockey games, and why blog about this one? Well, for the embarrassment factor!

During TV timeouts they do silly things to pass the time - which I guess is better than watching ads!  They did not do a kiss cam, but they had several fun ones that include dancing for the camera and such. There was a camera operator on the opposite side of the ice that clearly liked the folks in the seats right around ours.  They got a shot of the guy sitting RIGHT in front of us (for celebrity look-alike), then later of a woman a row back and over by about two seats. 

Well, they did a segment to the classic ballad Dream Weaver!  They showed one girl with a dream bubble about an engagement ring - funny! Then the guy beside her, clearly trying to run away from being associated with that, had a "dream" about a Bud Light - funnier!  Was skeeved out when they put up a young boy - maybe 8? - with a picture of a skimpily clothed lady.  Mom and dad were clearly uncomfortable, too.

Then they showed me and Barb!  Then I realized they were showing me because of my Capitals jersey...  I had the thought to pull it up to show my Blues shirt underneath, but I was worried about flashing folks. Nobody wants to see that!  So I sat there and laughed, anticipating "my" dream.  How about this one, my friends.... (picture in a dream bubble)
Oh yes, my friends, it seems that I Dream of Hasselhoff! 

Since it took a moment between put up my ugly mug and coming up with the "dream" picture, I was literally booed and subsequently laughed at by about 15,000 people! In public! At a hockey game!

In other words, my friends, last night was a perfectly awesome night!  GO CAPS! GO BLUES!  GO HOFF!


  1. lol...i about fell out of my seat reading this. glad you had a good time!

  2. I'd say that I literally laughed out loud, but the truth is that I'm still laughing so hard I can barely type.

  3. Oh my gosh that is too funny! Hey at least they gave you a pic of the Hoff when he was younger and in MUCH better shape.. because really, the Hoff now is no bueno!