December 12, 2010

Abby Tells the "The Story of Baby Jesus"

It is a bit long, but I wanted to post it to share.  As I was trying to convince Abby it was time to go to bed last night, she decided she needed to tell me the Story of Baby Jesus.  She was so meticulous, and told me three times.  Decided to grab the camera to record for posterity. :o)

The sound quality is not great, might have to look at a Flip Video camera sometime in the near future, but not right now. (The sound is cruddy because the camera is trying to auto focus over and over and over again.)

"Baby Jesus" from Anny and Rob on Vimeo.

Text from the video:
"The Story About Baby Jesus"
by Abigail "Abby" Monroe (pen name pending)

(prep time included three videos of just sorting the pieces, then looking for Joseph for another minute and a half!)

Scene 1 - playing with magnetic toys and metal fridge. Be sure to have annoying noise throughtout video because of camera trying to auto-focus every half second, blame camera guy...

Where is Joseph? Where was he? He isn't here? Where is he?
Once upon a time, Mary and Joseph.
They had a Baby Jesus.
Then one time, Joseph, and BABY JESUS is BORN!
Then this Angel goes up to the star...
And then the Kings came with the presents
And the presents were for Mary and Joseph. {Suggestion from Editor, perhaps parents should work on story, gifts are for Baby, not Parents}
(long pause for sorting)
The Kings brought presents, put them right there.
They brought the presents for Jesus's Birthday
One time he was born and then His birthday came up and, then somebody came, and then the whole kingdom!
And then the whole WORLD!
(dramatic pause. again)
Just the whole kingdom, and all of the people and animals came to see him.
And they were all a Factory from the rest. {Suggestion from Editor, Factory? Really?)
A whole factory.
It's Baby Jesus!
And then, that's all!


  1. What's up with the bag on her head?

  2. I was going to ask the same thing! Very cute, though!

  3. The bag is from a Subway Kid's Meal - no clue why she was wearing it! She has alternated between that and her Santa hat for the last two days...

  4. Hehe, no point in posting my comment now :) Too cute.

  5. the bag is cracking me up. (did you see I'm giving away a Flip)