October 25, 2010

Playing Catch Up - St Louis Arch!

So, yeah - we went to the St Louis Arch last month after having talked about going for about seven years!  It was a great day, especially considering we kind of decided spur of the moment to go!

We got there early, as they insisted, and walked around the Westward Expansion museum that is housed in the underground part of the arch. Pretty cool stuff that included real artifacts as well as very realistic animal displays!

Since it is St Louis, there was a room dedicated to the history of baseball, and in particular the Cardinals.  I swear that I am going to have to start forcing myself to watch that boring sport or they might kick me out of the state!

Anyway - here are pictures from the trip:

The sun hitting the Arch just right:

All seven of us in a pod designed for three six.  It was tight, but a quick ride so not too bad!

Snapped this on the way in - they were too cute walking hand in hand. I don't usually doctor pictures this much, but I like the way it came out:

View from the top of the arch includes the baseball stadium:

We will surely go back, though the price might make it a regularly recurring event.

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  1. Rob! Those are some fantastic pictures! Looks like you had some beautiful weather.. I am jealous. It's currently storming outside with thunder and lightning. Good times here in Oregon! :)